Samuel Brenton Hall

Improviser / Percussionist / Interdisciplinary Artist / Composer

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Samuel Hall’s journey has taken him from High School bands, to University Jazz, to the deep world of the Melbourne Creative Music Scene.
Engaging in strong interdisciplinary art practices, featured in the participation in and organisation of the Current music festival and the new initiative, GAIP, a festival that encourages the interaction of artists from any background to engage in improvisatory relationships that build to form a strong community.

Samuel holds degree’s from the Monash University School of Music as well as the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA). During his time at the VCA Samuel began working under the guidance and friendship of Ren Walters and David Tolley, two of Melbourne’s most unique improvising artists. Through these relationships Samuel developed a strong improvisatory language which  is grounded in a vibrant, interactive artistic community.

In between studying at university Hall attended the Banff International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music (2007 and 2010) where he worked with musicians from around the world including the ICP orchestra, Ravi Coltrane, Myra Melford, Jerry Grenelli, Dave Douglas, Mantana Roberts, Jeff Parker, Giorgio Magnanensi, Sylvie Courvoisier, and Mary Holvorson among many others.

Samuel has studied percussion with some of Australia’s top percussionists including, Simon Barker, Eugene Ughetti, David Jones, David Beck and Michael Jordan.

In 2014 Hall relocated to Berlin to work with renowned percussionists Tony Buck and Han Bennink focusing on the further development of his improvisatory language.

Currently based in Europe, Hall has continued to cultivate strong relationships with some of Europe’s best creative artists as well as furthering his connection to his instruments. Working with artists such as Julia Reidy, Liz Kozak, Emilio Gordoa, Tristan Honsinger, Klaus Kurvers, Wolfgang Seidel, Adam Pultz Melbey, Richard Scott, Korhan Erel, Jim Black, Satoko Fuji and Natsuki Tamura to name just a few. As well as forming strong interdisciplinary relationships with dancers and painters, including working with ‘Musiktanznulldreißig’ a group dedicated to strong improvisatory relationships between musicians and dancers and CapTar, with Mexican artist Oscar Betold Lopez, a group combining music, movement and visual art to deliver a truly cross-disciplinary art experience.

Since 2015 Hall has been a part of the Polish Jazz festival ‘Jazztopad’ performing with Michiyo Yagi, Tamaya Honda, Akira Sakata, Tarus Mateen, Giridhar Udupa, Bharghava Halambi, Mysore N. Karthik and K Raja amongst others.

Hall’s percussive style is one that engages in a deep sonic universe that focuses on a highly interactive form of music making, one that offers the listener a chance to connect with the music they are experiencing and form their own relationships with sound. He continues to redevelop his understanding and presentation of percussion as an interactive instrument through extended technique, deep listening and improvisation.